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Katy Rose Floral Website

This project was a simple brochure website for a florist in Katy Texas. Check it out →

Preview image for katyrosefloral.com

The Process

The design process for this website was a bit of a challenge for me. The client came to me with a logo already designed and used in other business materials. They knew they wanted a website but did not yet have a vision for the design. I was given a blank slate to work with (both incredibly freeing and incredibly daunting ☯).

I tinkered with several different designs, all of my initial prototypes were very "designed". They featured custom fonts, full width hero images, and lots of color.

I really liked the designs (big suprise 😉) but I really struggled to fit the client's logo into my "designs". The logo itself is stunning but was designed by a print designer with the purpose of printing business cards. It features some very intricate text and floral elements - elements that make the traditional top left logo treatment impractical.

Katy Rose Floral Logo

After showing intial designs to the client we were able to refine a vision for a clean and simple design. With this feedback in hand, I went back to the drawing board (or excalidraw to be specific).

Wireframe design for the final katyrosefloral.com website

As you can seen in the screenshot above, in this design instead of trying to fit the logo into my design, I made the logo the centerpiece of the design (which was the right solution to begin with 😂). I kept the design very clean and minimal - and TBH it was my favorite design by far. The client loved it so I built and shipped it, you can check it out at: https://katyrosefloral.com.

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