Professional Tool Palette

First Posted: 21-October-2020
Last Updated: 21-October-2020

I found the video below while scrolling YouTube, it's a super interesting video about two professional creatives talking thru a project. One thing I found particularly interesting was how the structural engineer was talking and thinking about materials.

He was clearly thinking of building materials such as steel or concrete as swatches in his theoretical "palette". It appeared as if he was mentally applying his options like an artist would apply colors in color palette.

Just like a painter might mix two colors, the engineer was mentally mixing materials and creating solutions that solved the structural problem, but also conveyed the feeling the architect was striving for.

It's hard to put into words, but I found the engineers ability to think in terms of a material palette in the way I think of a color palette very inspiring.

I feel as if anybody creating things, whether it be physical or digital, will given enough time and practice will also discover and build thier professional palette.

What's in your palette?