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My blog thru the years (a glowup? 🌟)

A review of the how my blog has changed over the years.

Well it's that time of the month, time to design my personal blog!

  • Me as a developer 🤷‍♂️

My first ever personal blog was created using WordPress on my university provided student servers - the WordPress site did not allow the installation of any type of custom theme, so I stuck with the default university theme.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of this first site and to be honest I never wrote more than a single "Hello World" post 👻, but I created this site somewhere in the 2016-2017 timeframe.


The next known iteration of my site was again created as a custom WordPress theme, and my domain name was nutsboltsandcodes.com. I know, I know ... what a weird name. But back in the day I was very much into mechanical engineering/3D printing and planned to write about a variety a topics (a trend that continues).

A screenshot of my personal blog design circa 2017

I wrote maybe a dozen posts on this blog, and one went semi-viral in my small circle. I think it was titled "10 Signs You Went to NMSU"


Unfortunately I don't have any screenshots of the site design I did in 2018, mostly because I don't think I ever published a single article.


In 2019 I launched a version of the site design I had been kicking around my head for a while, I finally had the design skills to pull it off (thanks Adam and Steve!). This design lived from early 2019 until around May of 2021.

My website design from 2019-2021


Before launching the current design I went down a couple of fun roads, here are two of my favorite designs that never made it production.

This is my space theme (I might still ship this one day 🚀)

This is my space themed website design

This was my Laracon inspired design

This was my Laracon inspired design


I launched the latest version in May of 2021 and I combined several things from all my previous designs, let's see how long this one sticks around.

My current website design circa May 2021