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Living a deliberate life

Musings on the importance of living a deliberate life and keys to success.

There are periods of my life when I am operating at a very high personal level. These periods are almost always the cause of me making very deliberate actions to focus and engage in specific areas.

For example, I know what actions I need to take to set my self up for a great morning. And then what actions I need to take in my day to make progress on specific goals. Not only do I know what these actions are, when I perform them I do it deliberately and with conscious reminder why it is important.

The hard part? Keeping this energy going. I find it is easy to unconsciously slip into a mentality that the focus I had the past few day will automatically carry into the next. This is not the case.

Note to self

Everyday you must make a choice to either relapse into living an undeliberate life or to make deliberate actions that guide your life.

Keys to Success

  • Pre-plan your coming day
  • Like literally plan it, make a checklist
  • Having a good day is not a game of chance, it's an open book test. You know how a good day looks like for you, make a plan to achieve this
  • Be the person your partner and dog deserve and think you are